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  • How to dissolve energy blocks to stop the sales struggle and be magnetic to your dream clients. Goodbye worrying about when your next cashflow is arriving. 

  • Full activation of The New Paradigm model of leadership. Allowing you to lead and inspire with heart and attract new clients effortlessly. 

  • ​​The lasting courage and confidence to grow your business and start making the money you dream about - starting right now!

  • Clarity in how to use mindset and strategy to put an end to not knowing how to turn your ideas into income.

The Magic Elevation Formula will transform your business. You’ll  leave this training able to connect with your dream clients with ease. You’ll finally understand what’s been holding you back, and have clarity on how you can be a creative, passionate entrepreneur and still make bank!

I'm Karuna, an artist, educator and photographer with high-level business acumen.

Are you tired of trying to figure it all out alone and ready to start receiving exactly what you want?


"I know what I WANT and I know how to GET IT.  

And I have devoted my life and work to helping passionate women just like you get exactly what YOU WANT in business and life!"

My lightbulb moment came two years ago. I said enough is enough, I want to wake up in the morning and feel alive, I want to buy super indulgent and expensive gifts for myself and family without thinking twice, I want the most gorgeous office space, I want to own a home, I want an overflow of money, I want financial security, I want to have more fun and to be able to seriously help others in this world. And I want it to be EASY!


I built a thriving online business using skills and experience from over a decade as a creative director, a life of travel and self-development, and as a yoga teacher. Moved to Venice, started a yoga studio and built my dream home in Thailand where I live half of the year.


All this and more is possible for you. I have made it my life's work is to support soulful, purpose-led, ambitious women like you to get what you want. Get paid well for sharing your gifts. 


You’re passionate, full of desires but unsure how to bring it all together. 


That's exactly why I created The Magic Elevation Formula, it's the 5 Steps you need to transform from the woman trying to do it all alone, doing all the things... TO the passionate, powerful woman you see out there, full of confidence and clarity knowing exactly how to attract clients.


 You too get to access your next big leap in purpose, passion and profits with radiant ease. 


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Because now more than ever, the world needs what you've got.

What people are saying:

"This training is without a doubt the most valuable hour I have spent on my business in a long time! Karuna has an authenticity that is fairly unique and shares a wealth of wisdom which shifted my business instantly."